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Sheneek Fascinators

Sheneek ... make an impression ... fascinators and hatinators.

Enhance the elegance of your outfit with a hand made fascinator or hatinator for all occasions including weddings, race wear and cocktail parties.

Sheneek creates special pieces that are available right now online.

We also appreciate that you may require a special hatinator or fascinator to be made to your specifications for your wedding day or other occasion; so we encourage phone consultations to ensure the special piece we make for you is to your specifications... If you have special requirements for a special event please call her today please contact Nola today!

Sheneek Budget Range - our prices start from $30.

From the 3rd May 2011 you can purchase your own fascinators and hatinators from Sheneek's budget range.

Buy your favourite fascinator or hatinator  today or someone will be wearing it tomorrow!

Sheneek has increased their range of products to include a great gift idea for new breast feeding mums. Check out our the Sheneek Breast Feeding Covers you don't have to feel intimidated anymore when you're out in public or at home when friends come to visit!